Genre Terms in Online Games That You Need to Know


In the rapidly growing world of online games, understanding genre terms is the main key for players. Each genre in slot88 online games has its own characteristics that influence how to play, strategy and interaction between players. The terms that are often used in each genre become a distinctive language that helps players understand the rules and dynamics of the game in more depth.

One of the most popular genres is battle royale, where players compete to be the last one standing in an increasingly cramped environment. Terms such as “landing spot”, “loot”, and “circle collapse” become an integral part of the strategy and tactics that players must understand in order to achieve victory. Meanwhile, the RPG genre offers an immersive gaming experience with terms such as “leveling up”, “quest”, and “NPC” that help players explore the virtual world with unique characters.

Apart from that, the MOBA and simulation genres also have their own terms that describe the complexity of the game and focus on strategy and life simulation. By understanding terms such as “lane”, “ultimate ability” in MOBA, or “management simulation” and “virtual pet” in simulation, players can optimize their gaming experience and better compete in the vast online gaming community.

Genre Terms in Online Games That You Need to Know

In this digital era, the online gaming industry is growing rapidly. Not only as entertainment, online games are also a place for players to interact and socialize. In the world of online games, there are various genres that attract the attention of gamers. However, for beginners or even experienced gamers, the terms often used in the online gaming genre can be confusing.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss in depth the genre terms in online games that you need to know. Starting from the battle royale, RPG, MOBA, to simulation genres, we will discuss the meaning, characteristics and examples of popular games in each of these genres.

  1. Battle Royale

This genre has become one of the most popular in the online gaming industry. Battle royale is a type of game in which a large number of players play in an increasingly narrowed environment, with the goal of being the last player standing. Some terms often used in this genre include:

  • Landing Spot: The place where players first land after jumping from a plane or other form of transportation.
  • Loot: Items found throughout the game, such as weapons, armor, and other items that can help players survive.
  • Circle/Circle Collapse: A circular area that shrinks as the game progresses, forcing the player to move towards the center of the battle.
  • Victory Royale: The term used when a player manages to be the last one standing in the game.
  1. RPG (Role-Playing Game)

The RPG genre is one of the most legendary in the gaming world. In RPGs, players take on the role of specific characters and progress through a variety of stories and adventures. Some terms that appear frequently in this genre include:

  • Leveling Up: The process in which a player character increases his or her level, usually by gaining experience or completing certain missions.
  • Quest: A task or mission given to the player to complete, often related to the game’s main story.
  • NPC (Non-Player Character): A character in a game that is controlled by a computer or system, not by the player. They often serve as salesmen, quest givers, or other supporting characters.
  • Loot/Gear: Items found or obtained by the player during the game, such as weapons, armor, or other items that enhance the character’s abilities.
  1. MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

The MOBA genre combines elements of strategy and real-time combat between two teams. Each team has a base or main building that must be defended, while also trying to destroy the opposing team’s base. Here are some terms frequently used in this genre:

  • Lane: Paths on the game map that players must guard to reach the opponent’s base.
  • Creeps/Minions: Small characters that automatically appear and move towards the opponent’s base, often a source of experience and gold for the player.
  • Jungle: The area between the main paths on the game map, often containing monsters that can reward the player if defeated.
  • Ultimate Ability: A special ability of each character that can be activated after reaching a certain level, often
  1. Simulation

This genre focuses on simulating real life or specific situations in a controlled environment. Players are often asked to manage resources, build, or control certain entities. Some frequently used terms in this genre include:

  • Management Simulation: Games that ask players to manage a business, city, or other resources to achieve a specific goal.
  • Life Simulation: Games that simulate everyday life, such as work, social relationships, and other daily activities.
  • Building Simulation: Games that focus on building and designing, such as cities, playgrounds, or even planets in space.
  • Virtual Pet: Games in which players care for and raise virtual pets, often with the goal of nurturing them until they become adults or achieve certain achievements.

In the world of online gaming, an understanding of genre terms is essential to understanding game mechanics, communicating with other players, and enjoying the gaming experience to the fullest. By understanding terms like battle royale, RPG, MOBA, and simulation, you’ll be better prepared to explore the wide variety of online games available and find the ones that best suit your preferences and playing style. Have a nice play!