Three Simple Ways to Prevent Burglary for Newbie Homeowners


Congratulations on becoming a homeowner. Now, before you get busy decorating your living space and getting new furniture, you will want to make your house burglar-proof first. Did you know that most break-ins occur in broad daylight while people are running their errands?

Now, this might have come as a shocker to you, but you can avoid such shocks in the future by making your house burglar-proof. The thing is that you will want to be strategic while ensuring the safety of your property, possessions, and loved ones.

Most burglars want to get into your house as soon as they can, which is why you will want to integrate strategies that will break their steps and slow down the entry to your property. Here are some simple yet effective ways to protect your house from potential burglars.

Change the Locks

First things first – the moment you seal the deal and officially buy a house, you will want to change the locks of your front and back doors. This way, you can secure your home and ensure that no outsider with the old keys to the house can enter without your knowledge.

The last thing that you would want to deal with is getting inside your house to find an old nanny or an estranged spouse of the previous homeowners sitting in your living room. So, you will want to be mindful about changing the locks and also installing locks on the windows.

Assess the House for Weak Points

You will want to carefully inspect the exterior of the house for weak points that could potentially serve as a break-in point for burglars. Make sure that there are no trees near the house leading to the windows of the house, in which case you will want to opt for tree removal.

Before moving into the new house, you will also want to get in touch with the local police department and ask them to perform a home security check. The police officials will help you analyze your house inside and out and point out any vulnerable spots that could enable break-ins.

Install a Fence

Installing a good quality fence around your property can have several benefits. However, you will want to opt for vinyl fencing, as it is durable and low-maintenance and can get the job done of marking your property and protecting yourself from prying eyes.

A fence can also prevent potential burglars from entering your property. Ideally, you will also want to keep a pet dog. The fence around the house will prevent the dog from attacking by-passers, but it will also prevent trespassers from entering your property and other dogs from visiting your dog.

So, if you want to earn a faithful friend for life, you will want to get a dog by your side. The mere barking sound of a dog can discourage potential burglars from getting near your property. Also, solid fences are a great option for keeping your belongings out of the reach of burglars.