Including Trailer Brake Repair and Service for Your Company’s Utility Trailer


Unless you run a landscaping or contracting business, your utility trailer likely remains parked much of the time. This often translates into forgotten maintenance routines, which can lead to dangerous and expensive accidents. How do you make sure that every trailer in your shop stays in good repair and ready to roll when needed?

By working with a truck and trailer repair shop in the Toledo area with the knowledge and space needed to keep your entire fleet up and running.

A Local Truck Suspension Shop That Takes Utility Trailers Too

It is always easier to work with one shop when scheduling maintenance for your fleet of trucks and trailers. When you work with Toledo Spring Parts & Service, they get to know you and your equipment. Discover added confidence when sending in your utility trailer for a brake inspection as you know your VIS-check and suspension repairs were done quickly and professionally.

Staying Safe While Transporting Compact Heavy Equipment

It can be easy to skip an annual brake service on your utility trailer parked in the shadows of the yard. But, bad bearings, a broken spring, or a leaking hydraulic line can turn a quick repositioning of your bobcat into a serious accident. While utility trailers are not heavy like your big rigs, they are often responsible for carrying expensive and valuable loads. Take the time to ensure their systems are up-to-date and in good working order before hitting the road.

Specializing in Electric and Hydraulic Brake Systems

Not every repair shop in town has the expertise and trained technicians needed to troubleshoot and repair trailer brake systems. Most automotive shops focus on disc brakes, but your trailer likely still uses drum brake technology. Toledo Spring maintains a large inventory of the most common parts and tools needed to get your brakes fixed and get you back on the road.

Maintaining All Your Trailers Keeps Your Fleet Rolling

Did you know that brake and suspension failures are the most common cause of accidents when towing? Your trailers need to stay in peak condition, so your business can continue to generate income. Include all your utility trailers in your maintenance rotation, so you can say, “Yes!” when the next client calls with an order. Reduce downtime and increase your profits!

Schedule an Appointment for Your Trailer and Truck Brakes to Save Time

When creating your maintenance schedule for all your trucks and utility trailers, consider reserving brake and suspension inspections for both the rig and trailer at the same time. This reduces the amount of time your truck and driver are tied up transporting an empty trailer to the shop and keeps your fleet ready to roll.

Toledo Spring Parts & Service is Prepared to Service Your Utility Trailers

Get a jump up on your annual rotation of brake and suspension inspections when you team up with Toledo Spring. Our truck suspension shop is located near I75 and Highway 24 for easy access and convenient service. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.