How to Add Private Service Rooms to Your Salon Space


The modern salon is more than just a hub for haircuts and manicures; it’s a sanctuary where clients seek a personalised, tranquil experience. Adding private service rooms can significantly elevate this experience by offering secluded areas for treatments that require more privacy or relaxation. If you’re considering this addition in your next salon renovation, here are some factors to keep in mind.

1. Assess the Available Space

The first step in adding private rooms is evaluating your salon’s floor plan. Check the layout to see where a private room can feasibly fit without disrupting the workflow or crowding the space.

2. Determine the Purpose

Private rooms can serve various functions – from spa treatments and massages to more discreet services like hair replacement consultations. Knowing what services the rooms will be used for helps determine the size, features, and storage solutions required for each room. Design multi-purpose rooms where possible, with adjustable furniture and removable partitions to serve a variety of treatments.

3. Soundproofing and Ventilation

Privacy doesn’t just refer to visual seclusion; soundproofing is equally important to ensure a truly relaxing atmosphere. Adequate ventilation and air circulation are also critical, especially if the treatments involve strong smells or require a certain temperature. Consult professionals for soundproofing and ventilation needs to ensure you meet all building regulations and create a comfortable atmosphere.

4. Lighting and Ambience

The right lighting can set the tone for a variety of services. Soft, adjustable lighting options can be particularly useful in a private service room setting. Install dimmer switches and smart bulbs that can change colours, enabling the room to adapt to different services and moods.

5. Storage Solutions

Private service rooms will require their own set of storage solutions, separate from the main salon area. From towels to specialised equipment, consider what needs to be stored and how to do it most effectively without wasting valuable floor space. For example, built-in shelves or cabinets can save floor space and make the room look cleaner.


Adding private service rooms can be lucrative, enhancing your service offerings and attracting clients seeking more personalised experiences. However, it’s not just a matter of putting up some walls and a door. Thoughtful planning, design, and professional consultation can go a long way in making your salon renovation successful and keeping your clients coming back for more.