Comprehensive Plumbing Services by Roto-Rooter Toledo


When the need for help from Toledo plumbers to take care of sewer line repair, septic tank pumping, drain cleaning, water heater installation, and other plumbing repairs by experienced professionals providing homeowner and commercial plumbing services is necessary, Roto Rooter Toledo experts provide those plumbing services and more.

Kitchen plumbing: Whether in a residential or commercial kitchen, plumbing services are available to address clogged drains, repair or install fixtures, install, and repair water heaters, and unclog drains.

Clogged drain: Plumber Toledo specialists have been unclogging drains since 1935 when Roto Rooter was founded. Experienced plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clean and unclog drains. Plumbers also perform routine maintenance of drains, clean and unclog sewers, and provide emergency drain services. Drain clearing Toledo services include numerous drain types, such as downspout drains, sink drains, toilet drains, and floor drains.

Drain cleaning: Drain cleaning Toledo services requiring professional plumbing services provided by Roto Rooter include water restoration, leak repair, and garbage disposal clean-up.

Water heater installation: Roto Rooter Toledo plumbers repair, replace, or install water heaters. The water heater may be electric or gas and tankless or traditional.

Hydro jetting: The high-pressure water jetting process is an effective process used for cleaning and unclogging debris, such as sludge, grease, and sediment from drainpipes and sewers for industrial, municipal, and commercial sewers. The high-pressure water helps drainpipes and sewers operate and function efficiently.

Sewer line repair: Sewer lines are susceptible to issues, such as blockages, broken pipes, leaking joints, tree roots, corrosion, and more. Along with septic pumping, Toledo plumbers also replace or repair damaged or compromised sewer lines when necessary.

Septic tank pumping: Pumping the septic tank is a necessary procedure to remove septic tank waste using pump trucks specially designed for this service. Once the tank is empty, the waste is securely removed to an appropriately licensed waste center.

Commercial plumbing services: Commercial businesses have numerous areas that may require professional plumbing services. Commercial services are available 24/7 and include commercial water heaters, toilets, and urinals, drain cleaning, sinks and touchless faucets, repair and replacement of pipes, grease traps, commercial sewer repair, sewer excavation, and commercial backflow.

Plumbing repairs: Other areas that require and benefit from professional plumbing services provided Roto Rooter include the installation of a dishwasher and the repair of a dishwasher’s water supply lines. Repair, replacement, and installation of showers, repairing shower leaks, and unclogging water lines.

Water damage restoration: When a toilet or sink overflows, a pipe bursts, the sewer backs up, or an appliance malfunctions, the result is water that needs to be removed and the area restored. A professional team of plumbers uses state-of-the-art equipment to extract the water.

Emergency plumbers: Emergencies happen and when they do, Roto Rooter Toledo expert plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, every day. Emergency plumbing services include unclogging all types of drains, faucet repair, replacement and repair of water heaters, sump pump replacement, repairing pipes and fixtures, repairing and replacing faucets, and adjusting/fixing water pressure.