3 Reasons Cheese Is Actually Good for Your Health


Cheese is a food that is mostly surrounded by a lot of controversial statements regarding whether it is healthy to eat or not. Sometimes people are concerned about whether to eat it regularly as a part of their diet or not. You may find cheese easily on top of most foods like burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and tacos. Cheese is filled with calcium and protein sources but at the same time, it is high in fat. So, the question is which camp dominates.


There are two schools of thought. One thinks that cheese is unhealthy as it is filled with saturated food. However, as per a newer school of thought cheese is linked with a lot of health benefits and they have questioned the connection between saturated fats and health diseases. To explore the goodness of cheese for health, keep reading.

1.Lesser Heart Disease Risk

Some researchers have found out that French people who eat more cheese and other saturated fat-enriched food like butter etc have lower heart disease. It is kind of a French paradox which depicts that cheese is not related to heart diseases. According to another research in 2016, a comparison showed that people who ate more dairy products including cheese experienced fewer cardiovascular diseases. Nearly eating around 2 ounces of cheese daily was seen to decrease the heart disease risk to around 18 percent less. According to another research, 0.5 ounces of cheese in a day can even cut the chances of stroke by around 13 percent.

2.Prevent Diabetes

Intake of ¾ ounces of cheese in a day can decrease around 8 percent chances of getting type 2 diabetes. People who take about 3 ⁄ 4 cups of yogurt daily even save themselves from diabetes risks. Women eating 2 ounces of cheese also showed lesser risks of type 2 diabetes. In reality, the shorter chain of saturated fats which is normally found in cheese is the main reason behind the lowering of type 2 diabetes chances. Researchers say the presence of calcium in cheese may reduce insulin resistance. The food distributor of cheese always mentions the main constituents of the cheese to help out the customers.


3. Assist You in Avoiding Death and Improving your Cholesterol

This may sound too excessive but okay let’s take it to the lighter note. Eating cheese may assist you to survive longer. Cheese is a rich source of calcium which can lower blood pressure. This lowering effect contributes to controlling the fat absorption inside the gut. Besides keeping up with the heart health it also lowers the cholesterol level when taken as a snack daily.


According to 2015 research published in Oxford Academics, people were compared by giving cheese and butter daily. Both have similar amounts of calories and saturated fats. However, in the end, the cheese eater had lower LDL and overall cholesterol as compared to those who ate butter. K2 found in fermented dairy products is also a good source for your gut health which lowers cholesterol levels.