Why Free-Standing Wardrobes Are A Worthy Choice

free standing wardrobe

The bedroom is one of your most personal spaces. As such, it deserves only the best furniture to improve its look and provide a comfortable feel. While you can quickly decide on beds and other furniture based on your requirements, wardrobes have been inviting significant discussions from people worldwide.

Two types of wardrobes dominate the furniture market – a free standing wardrobe and a fixed wardrobe. While the fixed structure has always consistently offered more space, it is far from being hailed as the best option.

Want to know why? Read on to understand the comparison between those two types of wardrobes. It is crucial to know the details before investing.

Structural Comparisons

As the name suggests, fixed wardrobes are installed in dedicated spaces, so they do not consume the designated bedroom space. And, if required, you can only remove them by calling a professional.

Consider a scenario where you must constantly move due to a job or housing requirements. In these cases, you are required to invest in a separate wardrobe for every new place you enter since fixed cabinets are not widely prevalent.

On the other hand, investing in a free standing wardrobe can curb your hassle. For one, you can carry it anywhere, whether you are shifting houses or your home is undergoing renovation. Most free-standing cabinets are also lightweight and do not require assistance to be moved around the house.

Variance in Pricing and Resale Value

The average estimates indicate that a fixed wardrobe can cost anywhere from AUD 1,000 – AUD 6,000 for an Australian resident. On the other hand, free-standing cabinets range from AUD 100 to AUD 1,000.

Additionally, the latter does not require dedicated service or installation charges either. You can choose to transport it on your own or incur a minimal delivery fee at most.

Furthermore, you have a chance to secure some of your initial investment when you decide to sell free-standing wardrobes. Since your requirements and preferences change with time, investing in a portable closet is the ideal step.

Customisation Options

No doubt a free-standing wardrobe is a clear winner here, solely due to the number of customisations it offers.

  • Number of shelves
  • Number of drawers
  • Colours
  • Designs
  • Size

These elements allow you to carefully choose your wardrobe and customise it according to your space’s tone and ambience. Warm or neutral colours, seven shelves or five shelves; the decision is entirely up to you.

Unsurprisingly, fitted wardrobes lack these options, making them a rather monotonous choice for your bedroom.

Completing the Look

While you might pay personal attention to the structure of your bedroom, the room may comprise some awkward spaces which cannot be covered with other furniture.

Built-in wardrobes provide no help since they occupy a dedicated area. However, you can order a free standing wardrobe according to your required size and use it to plug this awkward space.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of whether you live in your own house or rented flat, free-standing wardrobes are must-have furniture pieces that portray several roles at once. A dash of style, usability and portability helps them earn a clear victory over fixed wardrobes.

So, diverge from the visual appeal of fixed cabinets and get yourself movable wardrobes by browsing through a wide variety of options available online now!