Six Ways to Speed Up Your Internet

Speed Up Your Internet

According to research, 66.2% of the population use the internet! But we bet none of them wants to experience lost signals or slow speed.  One of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone is to experience a slow internet connection. Everyone wants a high-speed internet connection to complete all their work without hassle.

However, before blaming your internet service provider, you should check if the issue is on your end or not! Poor internet connection might occur due to software misconfiguration, extreme weather, computer virus, etc.

Here are six tips to help you get a faster internet connection for your Spectrum WiFi plans. Let us dig in!

Factors That Affect Your Internet Speed

Before we reveal the tips, let us tell you the reasons that can affect your internet speed.

The type of internet connection you use determines your connection speed. Depending upon what is available in your area, you might have the choice to choose several connection types. So, choose wisely because your internet connection type can significantly impact the speed of the internet.

For example, you should check whether you are using fiber optics or a dial-up connection. Fiber optics is the fastest internet connection as compared to dial-up connections. Therefore, before you do anything else, the first step is to check your internet type and the package you have chosen.

We recommend you subscribe to Windstream Internet as it offers high-speed internet service to meet your connectivity needs.

You can talk to the provider about your internet needs, and you will be given the packages that suit your needs.

Another popular reason that affects your internet speed is network congestion. Network congestion happens when several internet users on a provider’s network are online. Due to the traffic overload, the link network handles data in excess of its capacity. This typically happens between 7 pm to 12 pm, and this can be a temporary issue.

Six Ways to Deal With Slow Internet Connection

Follow our suggestions listed below to fix a slow internet connection.

Reset Your Network Adaptor

This is a simple fix! Some issues can cause errors with your Wi-Fi adaptor. Thus, when you experience slow internet, go to your internet taskbar and click on the internet access icon. The next step is to troubleshoot the problem, and windows will work to troubleshoot the issue and reset the network adaptor for you.

Disable Unnecessary Devices

Sometimes you are unable to complete your work because unnecessary devices are connected to the internet. If multiple devices are connected to your internet connection, the bandwidth is being shared, which affects your internet speed. Disconnect them to avoid overburdening your internet connection.

Change Your Router’s Location

We do not care where we have to place our router, right? Speed decrease when you get away from your router. Thus, it is essential to check its placement if you frequently experience slow-speed internet. The best solution is to place the router in the center of your room and on the highest level.

Upgrade Your Package

If you believe your internet speed is slow and multiple devices are connected to it. Then upgrade your internet package. You can talk to your ISP provider to determine your plan. Discuss your internet use with the customer service representative and they will upgrade your package according to your needs.