How to pick a winner on a Facebook giveaway?

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Running a contest or giveaway on Facebook is a fantastic method to increase your presence there by interacting with your followers and introducing your business to fresh, like-minded users.

There are numerous approaches you can take to organize a contest on Facebook. Click here to purchase Followers and Views with StreamOZ. Facebook’s promotion policies prohibit requiring participants to share posts, comment on other users’ timelines, mention other users by name, or modify their cover photo to enter. 

You can make users like or comment on your post or even publish it on your timeline. Whatever route you decide, it’s critical that you set up a system to gather entries and select winners, and we’ll walk you through all the finest options here. Let’s learn How to pick a winner on a Facebook giveaway.

How to pick a winner for a Facebook giveaway?
Run a random giveaway on Facebook

Create a fair, transparent, and clear giveaway to start. A superb method to ensure that your campaign will draw more participants and won’t cause confusion is to explain to people exactly how to participate. 

Use a captivating image to display the prize in your Facebook giveaway; it’s always a good idea to include words like Giveaway or Wins in the image to increase engagement with your Facebook audience.

Terms and conditions explicitly express all pertinent information, such as eligibility, participation dates, etc., and shield you from potential participant complaints.

Winners Are Chosen Based On Post Likes

This strategy will require you to manually choose winners using list pickers or random number generators, with a random number generator being the quicker and easier choice. It is similar to selecting winners based on page likes.

Winners Are Chosen Based On Page Likes

Picking a winner randomly among those who have liked your Facebook page is an excellent strategy for organizing contests on Facebook. You can manually select winners from page likes using one of two methods.

  • Selectors of Random Lists

One method is to manually keep track of every page you receive and select a winner using a random list generator. You can use the excellent free tools provided by MiniWebTool and Comment Picker.

  • Generators of random numbers

Using a random number generator to select a winner is an additional strategy to choose winners from page likes.

Remove fake accounts

Make sure that everyone is complying with the rules by using filters. You can reject any participations that don’t include the hashtag, for instance, if you asked participants to remark with a certain one. Additionally, you can omit former competition winners or build a blocklist for repeat offenders.

Choose the runner-ups

Here’s a hint that many people overlook: every time you select a Facebook giveaway winner, you should also choose runners-up.

You’ll need a backup winner if you need to get in touch with the initial winner or if they need to be disqualified. Configure your Facebook comment picker to select a few alternates in case of crises. As seen in the Certificate of Validity sample, the organizer selected three alternate winners.

Declare the winners of your Facebook Contest

It’s time to choose a winner from Facebook comments now that you know how to do it, and then share the results with your community!


Before you begin promoting your Facebook contest, you must have it thoroughly planned out if you want it to be successful. This involves making a long-term decision regarding how you will select the contest winner. 

By making this decision in advance, you will have the option of selecting a strategy that will improve the outcomes-driven results you are now receiving, significantly raising the ROI of your contest.