How to limit friends on Facebook


Facebook is incredibly good at keeping us in touch with people we may otherwise lose track of. It is equally effective in assisting us in maintaining connections with our family, friends, and business associates. Although we can share everything with everyone, it doesn’t mean we should. There is an art to choosing who sees what. Click here to organically purchase Social Media likes, followers, and views with SocialGreg to grow your social media channels. 

You exhibit a particular facet of yourself to those you work with. Filtering what you let your supervisors, coworkers, partners, and clients see will help you protect both your privacy and your reputation. Using the Facebook restricted list and other privacy options, you may limit friends and who sees it from others. Let’s learn How to limit friends on Facebook.

How to limit friends on Facebook
What is the Facebook Restricted List?

You can keep your friendship with someone after adding them to the Facebook restricted list while limiting the postings they can see. For example, If you prefer to avoid viewing Home Depot Tub Surround Materials-related posts, you can limit them to Facebook’s restricted list. If you’ve set the audience to “Public” (shown by the globe icon), tag them in the post, or if a friend of yours tags both of you, they will see your postings. 

They won’t be conscious of being on your restricted list. They will still be accessible through Messenger, and you will continue to view their updates in your News Feed. You might want to add the following connections to your Facebook restricted list:

  • Relationships you don’t engage in but don’t want to save as unfriending.
  • Nosy or judgmental family members or friends (and their friends)
  • Those you’ve added as friends but don’t know well or at all Coworkers, even your closest colleagues who shouldn’t know everything about you.
How Do I Add Friends to a Facebook Restricted List
  • Launch the official Facebook app on your tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official Facebook website if you’d instead use a PC. If you haven’t already, log in.
  • Visit the Facebook profile of the friend whose information you want to keep private. Enter their name into the search box at the top of the Facebook website or app if you need help finding them.
  • Look for the Friends button once you are on your friend’s page. Touch it.
  • A little menu should appear. Select Add to another list or Edit Friend Lists from the menu. 
  • You will be presented with various Facebook lists created to group the users you interact with on the social network. To add your friend to the Restricted list, tap on it.
More Facebook Connection limit Options
Modify Who Sees All Old Posts
  • Visit your profile.
  • Press the settings icon.
  • Selecting “View Privacy Shortcuts”
  • “See more privacy settings” should be chosen.
  • Then select “Limit who can see previous posts.”
  • Select “Limit Previous Posts”
  • Verify by selecting “Limit Previous Posts” in the pop-up window.
Change the Privacy of a Certain Old Post
  • Visit the post
  • The three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Selecting “Edit Privacy.”
  • Choose a privacy option.
Modify Who Can View Future Posts
  • Make Your List
  • To stop seeing someone else’s posts, unfollow them.
  • Control What Appearances on Your News Feed
  • Additional Privacy Settings


Your privacy is more vulnerable as your Facebook network grows, so the best course of action is never to share anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable with everyone viewing. However, because you want to utilize Facebook to express yourself, consider who and which lists can view particular kinds of content before you publish. Your privacy won’t be compromised while you speak with your closest friends.