A Complete Guide to Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets

Bedsheets are a crucial factor in determining good sleep. Fitted sheets are warmer, easy to maintain and easy to put on! Many procrastinate changing their bedsheets because it is a hassle and fitted bedsheets provide the perfect alternative. Read on for more information on how to purchase such sheets, why you need them and how they can change your life!

What are Fitted Bedsheets?

Fitted sheets are bedsheets with elastic around the sides and bottom; they fit around your mattress. Fitted bedsheets usually come in cotton or polyester.

Fitted bedsheets come in several different styles:

  • Pocket-style fitted bedsheets have elastic along one side of their hem to create pockets for the corners.
  • Flat-sheet fitted bedsheets do not have any elastic at all—they fit over your mattress like regular flat sheets.
Multiple Washes

You can wash a fitted sheet multiple times before it needs to be thrown away. This is because the elastic in your fitted bedsheets will fray. You can wash them multiple times before they start fraying, but then again—they won’t last forever!

If you want your fitted bedsheets to last longer than one washing cycle (7 days), then make sure you dry them on medium heat instead of high heat so they don’t shrink too much and cause unnecessary wrinkling. This also prevents pilling from occurring while drying.

Choosing Laundry Bags for your Sheets

Laundry bags are made of mesh, which makes them the perfect maintenance product for bedsheets. The material has a small central opening that allows air to circulate while minimising odour buildup in the bag itself. Mesh laundry bags are also ideal for storing your fitted bedsheets because they’re reusable and can be cleaned multiple times before needing replacement.

Ensure that your laundry bags are good quality and durable so that you will not have to replace them frequently.

Avoid Elasticising Flat Sheets

If you opt for a flat sheet instead of a fitted one, avoid elasticised sheeting to prevent any bunching up of the fabric. Flat sheets are easier to store and clean than fitted ones because they have no elastic around them. They also tend to be more durable than their fitted counterparts since they don’t need as much attention when washing and drying them.

Elastic sheets are also more comfortable for sleeping on due to their smooth surface, which is less likely to trap heat under your mattress during use (which can cause discomfort). Finally, if you want something affordable but still high-quality that will last longer than most other alternatives out there, then look no further than these bedsheets!

Things to Consider while Purchasing a Fitted Sheet
  • Make sure your fitted sheet fits your mattress and bed frame correctly.
  • Check if the material is breathable or not, as this will help regulate body temperature while you sleep comfortably and peacefully at night on hot days or in humid climates.
  • You should also consider how much space there is between the side of your bed frame so that it won’t cause any problems when lying down on top of them during sleeping hours. Otherwise, you may wake up because something feels wrong with how things are positioned, and you lose your sleep for the rest of the night.

It must be clear now why fitted sheets are life-changers.